Understanding the Double Dido Piercing: Guide and Tips

double dido piercing

If you are contemplating a double dido piercing, it is vital to know all features of the course of, from what it entails to the forms of jewellery you may select from. This information will offer you the info you want to make an knowledgeable determination about whether or not a double dido piercing is best for you, in addition to ideas for correct aftercare and therapeutic.

From explaining what a double dido piercing is and detailing the course of of getting one, to discussing potential dangers and aftercare recommendation, this information will cowl all the bases to make sure you have a whole understanding of this piercing possibility.

Whether you are a piercing fanatic or just excited by attempting one thing new, this information presents useful insights and ideas to assist guarantee profitable piercing and therapeutic.

So sit again, calm down, and let this information take you thru all you want to find out about double dido piercings!

What is a Double Dido Piercing?

A double dido piercing is a sort of piercing that entails two piercings in the space slightly below the collarbone. This piercing can be typically known as a “double dermal.” The placement for this piercing is often symmetrical, with one piercing on both sides of the chest.

Double dido piercings are sometimes carried out utilizing a dermal punch, which removes a small circle of tissue to permit for the insertion of a bit of bijou. The jewellery used for a double dido piercing is often a flat disc or anchor that sits flush towards the pores and skin, with an attachment level for a bit of bijou equivalent to a barbell or hoop.

This sort of piercing is taken into account to be comparatively unusual, because it requires a excessive stage of ability from the piercer and may be tougher to carry out than different forms of piercings. However, for individuals who have an interest on this distinctive and eye-catching piercing, there are a rising variety of expert piercers who’re in a position to supply this service.

The Process of Getting a Double Dido Piercing

The course of of getting a double dido piercing ought to all the time be approached with warning and thorough analysis. It’s essential to discover a respected piercer who has expertise with this particular sort of piercing. Before making any selections, it is really useful to schedule a session with the piercer to debate placement, aftercare, and any potential dangers.

Once at the piercing studio, the piercer will clear the space and mark the desired piercing placements with a sterile pen. They will then use a hole needle to create the piercings, which must be fast and comparatively painless. The piercer will then insert the jewellery, which can sometimes include two curved barbells or horseshoe rings.

It’s important to comply with the aftercare directions offered by the piercer to advertise correct therapeutic. This contains avoiding touching the piercings with soiled palms, avoiding submerging the piercings in water, and utilizing a saline resolution or gentle cleaning soap to wash them twice a day. It’s additionally really useful to keep away from any actions which will trigger trauma to the piercings, equivalent to sleeping on them or carrying tight clothes.

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During the therapeutic course of, it is common to expertise some swelling, redness, and discharge. However, if the piercings turn into excessively painful, swollen, or present indicators of an infection equivalent to extreme pus and excessive redness or warmth, search medical consideration instantly.

Healing Time for Double Dido Piercing

The therapeutic time for a double dido piercing can fluctuate, however on common it takes about 4 to 12 weeks for the preliminary therapeutic course of. However, full therapeutic could take a number of extra months.

During the preliminary therapeutic course of, you will need to make sure that the piercing shouldn’t be irritated, bumped, or knocked. This may cause the therapeutic course of to decelerate and even result in an infection.

It is regular to expertise some gentle swelling, redness, and tenderness round the piercing website for a number of days after the process. However, if these signs persist or worsen, you will need to search medical consideration as it might be an indication of an infection.

To promote correct therapeutic, it is suggested to wash the piercing often with a saline resolution or one other cleansing resolution really useful by your piercer. Avoid touching the piercing with soiled palms and keep away from submerging the piercing in water till it’s totally healed.

It is vital to notice that everybody’s physique is completely different, and some individuals could expertise an extended therapeutic time or extra issues throughout the therapeutic course of. It is vital to rigorously comply with the aftercare directions offered by your piercer and to speak any issues or points with them.

Double Dido Piercing Aftercare Tips

Proper aftercare is important for therapeutic and stopping issues along with your new double dido piercing. Follow these ideas to advertise therapeutic and guarantee the longevity of your piercing:

  • Wash your palms: Before touching your piercing, all the time wash your palms with heat water and antibacterial cleaning soap.
  • Clean the piercing: Gently clear your piercing twice a day with saline resolution or a mix of heat water and non-iodized sea salt. Use a cotton ball or swab to use the resolution and keep away from utilizing harsh soaps or alcohol-based merchandise.
  • Avoid irritants: Avoid submerging your piercing in swimming pools, sizzling tubs, or lakes. Additionally, keep away from utilizing sprays, lotions, or lotions round the piercing space.
  • Avoid sure actions: Avoid sleeping on or altering jewellery too quickly after the piercing. Additionally, keep away from carrying tight clothes or clothes which will rub towards the piercing.
  • Watch for indicators of an infection: Watch for indicators of an infection equivalent to redness, swelling, or discharge. If you observed an an infection, search medical consideration instantly.
  • Be affected person: The therapeutic course of for double dido piercings can take as much as 6-8 months. Be affected person and keep away from altering jewellery too quickly earlier than the piercing is totally healed.
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Following these aftercare ideas will assist guarantee your double dido piercing heals correctly and stays wholesome for years to come back.

Potential Risks and Considerations

While double dido piercings could be a trendy addition to your physique artwork, it is vital to pay attention to the potential dangers and concerns earlier than getting one. Some of the dangers related to this kind of piercing embody:

  • Infection: Like any piercing, there’s a threat of an infection. It’s important to comply with correct aftercare directions and hold the space clear to scale back the probabilities of an infection.
  • Rejection: Depending on the placement, a double dido piercing could also be extra inclined to rejection. This happens when the physique’s immune system sees the jewellery as a overseas object and tries to push it out. If you discover any indicators of rejection, equivalent to redness, swelling, or ache, it is vital to hunt recommendation out of your piercer.
  • Migration: Migration happens when the jewellery strikes from its unique placement. This may cause discomfort and could result in scarring. It’s vital to ensure the piercer is skilled in this kind of piercing and to comply with all aftercare directions to stop migration.
  • Scarring: While scarring is a threat with any piercing, double dido piercings could also be extra inclined because of their placement. Proper aftercare and avoiding any trauma to the space can assist scale back the threat of scarring.

In addition to the potential dangers, there are some vital concerns to remember earlier than getting a double dido piercing. Firstly, it is vital to decide on a good piercer who has expertise with this kind of piercing. Inexperienced or untrained piercers could not correctly place the piercing, growing the threat of issues. Additionally, it is important to think about the placement of the piercing and the way it could have an effect on every day actions equivalent to sleeping, exercising, and carrying sure forms of clothes.

Overall, whereas double dido piercings could be a distinctive and trendy addition, it is vital to totally perceive the potential dangers and concerns earlier than getting one. By selecting a good piercer, following correct aftercare directions, and being conscious of the dangers, you may take pleasure in your new piercing whereas minimizing the probabilities of issues.

Styling and Jewelry Options for Double Dido Piercings

One of the most fun features of getting a double dido piercing is the countless styling and jewellery choices obtainable. With so many several types of jewellery to select from, you may create a singular and personalised look that expresses your particular person model.

The most typical sort of bijou used for double dido piercings are barbells. These straight or curved bars are threaded by way of each piercings, making a glossy and edgy look. You can select from completely different lengths, thicknesses, and supplies, equivalent to titanium, gold, or surgical metal.

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Another in style possibility is utilizing captive bead rings. These round rings characteristic a small bead that matches snugly in the center of the ring, making a seamless and elegant look. Captive bead rings are available quite a lot of sizes and supplies, and some even characteristic intricate designs or gem stones.

If you need to add some further sparkle to your double dido piercing, think about using dermal tops or studs. These small and delicate items of bijou are connected to your pores and skin with a small anchor, creating a singular and eye-catching look. You can select from completely different shapes and colours, equivalent to hearts, stars, or diamonds.

For these trying so as to add extra piercings to their assortment, double dido piercings look nice when paired with different piercings equivalent to cartilage piercings or helix piercings. You can combine and match several types of jewellery to create a singular and personalised look that displays your model.

Top Tips for Styling Your Double Dido Piercing

  • Choose jewellery that’s comfy and suits correctly to scale back the threat of irritation or an infection.
  • Consider utilizing jewellery comprised of high-quality supplies equivalent to titanium or gold to scale back the threat of allergic reactions.
  • Experiment with several types of jewellery and mixtures to discover a look that fits you.
  • Remember to wash your jewellery often utilizing a saline resolution or one other really useful cleansing resolution to scale back the threat of an infection.
  • If you expertise any ache, redness, or swelling, contact your piercer or a healthcare skilled as quickly as attainable.

By following the following tips and exploring completely different jewellery choices, you may create a singular and trendy look that showcases your double dido piercing. Remember to all the time prioritize correct care and upkeep to scale back the threat of issues, and have enjoyable experimenting with completely different types and mixtures.


Double dido piercings are a singular and trendy method to specific oneself by way of physique modification. However, you will need to rigorously take into account the dangers and potential issues earlier than committing to this kind of piercing.

Remember to decide on a good piercer who makes use of high-quality jewellery and comply with all aftercare directions to advertise correct therapeutic and scale back the threat of an infection or rejection. Stay vigilant for any indicators of issues and search medical consideration if obligatory.

With correct care and consideration, double dido piercings could be a stunning addition to at least one’s physique artwork assortment. Whether opting for easy studs or extra elaborate jewellery mixtures, double dido piercings supply countless potentialities for self-expression.

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