Guide to Double Dydode Piercing: What You Need to Know

double dydode piercing

If you are fascinated about getting a double dydode piercing, it is important to do your analysis and perceive what’s concerned earlier than taking the plunge. In this information, we’ll take you thru every thing you want to learn about double dydode piercings, from what they’re to the aftercare required to preserve them wholesome and infection-free.

Whether you are a piercing fanatic or interested by attempting one thing new, our complete information will reply all of your questions and offer you the knowledge you want to make an knowledgeable choice.

Understanding Double Dydode Piercing

Double dydode piercing is a classy and daring piercing choice that includes two piercings on the decrease lips, often beneath the corners of the mouth. This kind of piercing is understood for its distinctive look and flexibility, permitting for numerous jewellery kinds and placements.

Understanding the anatomy and placement of double dydode piercings is essential to reaching the specified look and minimizing attainable dangers. The piercings must be positioned symmetrically and be aligned with the decrease tooth for optimum consolation and visible attraction.

Double dydode piercing has turn into more and more in style lately, particularly amongst those that need a extra edgy and fashionable look. It is commonly paired with different forms of facial piercings, resembling septum or nostril piercings, to create a cohesive and customized look.

Placement and Jewelry Options

The commonest placement for double dydode piercings is beneath the corners of the mouth, however they may also be positioned to one aspect or within the middle. The dimension and magnificence of the jewellery used may also range, from small and discrete studs to massive and elaborate rings.

When selecting jewellery for a double dydode piercing, it’s important to choose choices which might be hypoallergenic and fabricated from high-quality supplies. Surgical metal, titanium, and gold are in style selections for preliminary piercings, as they’re much less seemingly to trigger allergic reactions or infections.

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Some folks go for extra ornamental jewellery, resembling gem stones or charms, to add a novel contact to their look. However, it’s important to be sure that the jewellery is safe and doesn’t intrude with every day actions, resembling speaking or consuming.

The Double Dydode Piercing Process

Getting a double dydode piercing is an thrilling however critical endeavor that requires correct analysis and preparation. To guarantee that you’ve a secure and profitable piercing expertise, it is essential to perceive the course of and what to count on. Here’s what you want to know:

Finding a Reputable Piercer

The first and most crucial step within the course of is to discover a certified and skilled piercer who makes a speciality of double dydode piercings. Look for a piercer or studio with a very good popularity, optimistic evaluations, and a clear {and professional} atmosphere. Ask for suggestions from mates or members of the family who’ve had comparable piercings or verify on-line directories for licensed piercers. Take the time to analysis and converse with the piercer about their expertise, coaching, and methods earlier than committing to the piercing.

Preparing for the Piercing

Once you’ve got discovered a good piercer, you may want to put together your self for the piercing course of. Avoid consuming alcohol or taking any blood-thinning medicines or dietary supplements earlier than the piercing. Wear comfy and loose-fitting clothes that gives quick access to the piercing web site. Make certain to eat a light-weight meal earlier than the piercing to keep away from feeling lightheaded or faint in the course of the process.

The Piercing Procedure

The precise piercing course of takes only some minutes however requires precision and experience. The piercer will clear the realm across the piercing web site, mark the position of the jewellery, and insert the needles and jewellery into each dydodes concurrently. You might really feel some discomfort or ache in the course of the piercing, nevertheless it must be temporary and manageable. The piercer will present aftercare directions and suggestions for taking good care of your new piercings.

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After the Procedure

After the piercing, it is essential to comply with the aftercare directions supplied by your piercer to promote therapeutic and keep away from infections or issues. Clean the piercings twice a day with a saline answer or a light cleaning soap and heat water. Avoid touching or twisting the jewellery, and don’t take away it till the piercings have absolutely healed, which can take up to a number of months. Avoid swimming, tanning, or exposing the piercings to harsh chemical compounds or environments till they’ve absolutely healed.

Double dydode piercings are a preferred and classy addition to your physique artwork. Taking the time to analysis, put together, and select a good piercer can guarantee a secure and profitable piercing expertise. Remember to comply with correct aftercare directions and search skilled recommendation in case you discover any indicators of an infection or discomfort.

Aftercare for Double Dydode Piercing

Proper aftercare is crucial for the therapeutic strategy of double dydode piercings. Neglecting aftercare can lead to infections, scarring, and even rejection of the piercing. Here are some suggestions to guarantee your double dydode piercings heal correctly:

  1. Keep your fingers clear: Always wash your fingers with antibacterial cleaning soap earlier than touching your double dydode piercings, particularly when cleansing them.
  2. Cleanse commonly: Twice every day, use a saline answer to clear your piercings. You could make your individual by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt with 8 ounces of heat water. Use a cotton swab to gently clear across the piercings and rinse with water.
  3. Avoid irritants: Avoid swimming swimming pools, scorching tubs, and different our bodies of water till your double dydode piercings are absolutely healed. Also, keep away from sporting tight clothes or something which will irritate the piercings.
  4. Be light: Avoid twisting or turning your jewellery. Only transfer it when cleansing, and even then, do it gently. Twisting or turning the jewellery may cause trauma and decelerate the therapeutic course of.
  5. Watch for indicators of an infection: If you discover any redness, swelling, or discharge across the piercings, you could have an an infection. Contact your piercer or a healthcare skilled instantly for recommendation.
  6. Be affected person: Healing time for double dydode piercings can take up to six months or longer. Be affected person and resist the urge to change your jewellery till your piercings are absolutely healed.
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Following these aftercare directions will assist your double dydode piercings heal correctly. If you may have any considerations, do not hesitate to seek the advice of together with your piercer or a healthcare skilled.


Getting a double dydode piercing is an effective way to categorical your individuality and creativity by way of physique artwork. However, it is essential to keep in mind that piercings of any variety require cautious analysis, preparation, and aftercare to reduce the danger of infections and different issues.

If you are contemplating a double dydode piercing, be sure to discover a respected piercer with expertise on this space. Research the piercing course of totally, together with the position, jewellery choices, and aftercare necessities. It’s essential to comply with the aftercare directions carefully and solely use beneficial merchandise to forestall irritation and promote therapeutic.

Remember, correct care and upkeep of your double dydode piercing will assist guarantee it seems nice for years to come. If you expertise any discomfort, redness, or swelling, search skilled recommendation instantly.

Final Note

Double dydode piercings are a novel and classy type of physique artwork, however they arrive with duties. Make certain you do your due diligence, handle your piercing, and search skilled assist when you have any considerations. With the correct care, your double dydode piercing generally is a stunning and long-lasting addition to your private type.

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