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If you are contemplating getting a cross tattoo, you are not alone. Cross tattoos are a preferred selection for people seeking to specific their religion, spirituality, or private beliefs. However, with so many variations and types of crosses tattoo designs accessible, it may be difficult to resolve on the proper design for you.

To enable you to discover inspiration in your personal cross tattoo design, we have now put collectively a group of footage that includes numerous cross tattoo types. From conventional crosses to extra intricate and distinctive designs, these photographs will give you a various vary of examples to select from.

Whether you might be searching for a easy and traditional design or a extra advanced and significant tattoo, exploring footage of crosses tattoos will help you collect concepts and inspiration in your personal design. So, let’s dive into the world of cross tattoos and discover the infinite potentialities.

Popular Cross Tattoo Styles

When it involves cross tattoos, there are a selection of types to select from. We’ve compiled a listing of some common designs that will help you discover inspiration in your personal cross tattoo.

Traditional Cross

The conventional cross design is a traditional and easy possibility. It usually includes a straight vertical line intersected by a shorter horizontal line close to the highest. This model is common amongst these searching for a extra conventional or non secular tattoo.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is a extra elaborate design that includes intricate knots and patterns. It usually includes a circle across the intersection of the traces, symbolizing the solar or eternity. This model is common amongst these of Irish or Scottish heritage or these searching for a extra ornate cross design.

Maltese Cross

The Maltese cross options 4 arms of equal size with V-shaped factors at every finish. It is usually related to firefighting or the army and is a well-liked selection for these in these professions.

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The crucifix design depicts Jesus on the cross and is a well-liked non secular tattoo. It usually options intricate particulars resembling thorns, nails, or a halo round Jesus’ head.

Tribal Cross

The tribal cross incorporates tribal patterns and designs into the standard cross form. This model is common amongst these searching for a extra summary or distinctive cross design.

These are just some examples of the numerous types of cross tattoos accessible. By exploring these choices and others, you will discover the proper cross tattoo design that represents your beliefs and elegance.

Symbolism of Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos are extra than simply physique artwork. They can carry deep symbolic which means for the wearer. Crosses have been utilized in non secular ceremonies and artwork for hundreds of years, and so they proceed to be a preferred selection for tattoo designs. Here, we’ll discover some of the totally different meanings related to cross tattoos.

Religious Symbolism

For many individuals, a cross tattoo represents their religion and spiritual beliefs. The cross is a common image of Christianity, and it represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Different variations of the cross can maintain totally different meanings in non secular contexts. For instance, the Celtic cross is usually related to Irish Catholicism and is an emblem of everlasting life.

Personal Beliefs

While some individuals select a cross tattoo for non secular causes, others could get one as an emblem of their private beliefs. Cross tattoos can characterize inside power, braveness, and hope. They may also function a reminder of a private wrestle or problem that somebody has overcome.

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Cultural Significance

In some cultures, the cross has its personal distinctive symbolism. In historical Egyptian tradition, the ankh cross represented everlasting life and was usually depicted in artwork and hieroglyphics. In Hinduism, the swastika is an emblem of auspiciousness and luck. However, you will need to word that as a consequence of its affiliation with the Nazi regime, the swastika will not be an applicable tattoo design.

When selecting a cross tattoo design, you will need to think about the symbolism behind the design and what it means to you personally. Think about what message you need your tattoo to convey and select a design that speaks to your beliefs and values.

Placement and Size Considerations for Cross Tattoos

When getting a cross tattoo, you will need to think about each the location and dimension of the design. The placement and dimension of a cross tattoo can have a big affect on its general look and which means. Here are some components to remember:


The placement of a cross tattoo can convey totally different meanings and create distinctive visible results. Some common choices embody:

Placement Meaning/Effect
Forearm A visual and distinguished location that may symbolize power and conviction. Ideal for bigger designs.
Wrist A smaller however nonetheless seen location that may function a reminder of one’s religion or perception system.
Upper arm/shoulder A location that may be simply hid or proven off, relying on the state of affairs. Ideal for each bigger and smaller designs.
Chest A daring and dramatic location that may symbolize deep religion or private significance.

Ultimately, the location of a cross tattoo needs to be primarily based on private choice and the specified impact.


The dimension of a cross tattoo may also affect its general design and which means. Some components to think about when deciding on dimension embody:

  • The location of the tattoo
  • The stage of element within the design
  • The desired visible affect
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For instance, a bigger cross tattoo with intricate particulars could also be extra applicable for a distinguished location just like the chest, whereas a smaller and easier design could also be extra appropriate for the wrist. Additionally, a bigger tattoo may be tougher and costly to take away or cowl up, so you will need to rigorously think about the dimensions earlier than getting inked.

Overall, the location and dimension of a cross tattoo needs to be rigorously thought of to make sure the very best end result. Consultation with an expert tattoo artist may also be invaluable in making a design that’s each visually interesting and symbolically vital.


In conclusion, getting a cross tattoo is usually a significant and private expertise. By exploring inspiring footage of cross tattoos, people can discover the proper design to suit their private model and beliefs. Additionally, understanding the symbolism behind cross tattoos can improve the importance of the tattoo. It is necessary to think about the location and dimension of the tattoo to make sure the design flows with the physique and suits the specified which means.

Remember to seek the advice of with an expert tattoo artist to deliver your cross tattoo design to life. They can present steerage and proposals primarily based on their experience and expertise. Taking the time to rigorously think about the design, placement, and dimension of your cross tattoo can lead to a wonderful and significant piece of artwork which you can cherish for a lifetime.

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