Master the Look: Short Two Block Haircut Guide and Styles

short two block haircut

The brief two block haircut has turn into more and more standard as a result of its versatility and suitability for numerous face shapes and hair sorts. This haircut options two distinct blocks of hair, with the prime being longer than the sides.

In this text, we are going to present a complete information to reaching the good brief two block haircut, in addition to provide a variety of styling concepts for this fashionable haircut. Additionally, we are going to share tips about easy methods to preserve this trendy look.

If you’re in search of a brand new haircut that’s versatile, fashionable, and straightforward to keep up, the brief two block haircut is likely to be the good selection for you! Read on to be taught extra about this haircut and how one can rock it with confidence.

How to Achieve the Perfect Short Two Block Haircut

If you are trying to check out a brief two block haircut, reaching the good minimize is essential. Follow these step-by-step directions for a flawless consequence:

  1. Start by washing and drying your hair completely.
  2. Determine the supreme size in your hair based mostly in your face form and private desire. Short two block haircuts can vary from very brief to medium size.
  3. Create the two distinct blocks of hair on the prime and sides of your head. Use a clipper or scissors to obtain a clear, exact line between the two blocks.
  4. Blend the hair the place the prime and sides meet, utilizing scissors or a comb and clipper. The aim is to create a pure transition from one block to the different.
  5. Trim any extra hair as wanted to create a sophisticated look.
  6. If you are not assured in reaching this minimize by yourself, it is best to seek the advice of with knowledgeable hairstylist to make sure the finest outcomes.
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By following these steps, you may be in your technique to reaching the good brief two block haircut and showcasing a classy and trendy look.

Styling Ideas for Short Two Block Haircuts

Short two block haircuts provide versatility and may be styled in numerous methods to go well with private preferences and events. Here are some styling concepts:

Textured Top with Slicked Back Sides

This type entails reducing the prime block with textured layers and slicking again the facet blocks utilizing a comb and hair gel. This look is ideal for formal occasions or skilled settings.

Messy and Wavy Top with Tousled Sides

To obtain this look, use a curling iron to create waves on the prime block and mess it up together with your fingers. For the facet blocks, apply a small quantity of hair wax and tousle the hair so as to add some texture. This type is ideal for on a regular basis put on or informal outings.

Cropped and Longer Top with Quiffed Sides

Cut the prime block to a shorter size and maintain the sides longer. Use a hair dryer and brush to create a quiff on the facet blocks and apply some hairspray to carry it in place. This look is appropriate for each formal and informal occasions.

  • Tip: Experiment with totally different hair merchandise akin to pomade, hair clay, or hair spray to obtain totally different appears.

Maintaining Your Short Two Block Haircut

Once you will have achieved your good brief two block haircut, it’s essential to keep up it correctly. Regular upkeep ensures that your haircut stays contemporary and on-trend, whereas additionally selling wholesome hair progress.

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Get Regular Trims

Regular trims are important for sustaining a brief two block haircut. We suggest visiting your hairstylist each six weeks for a touch-up. This helps maintain the haircut’s form and type intact, stopping the hair from rising too lengthy and ruining the general look.

Use Recommended Hair Care Products

Using the proper hair care merchandise can assist to make sure that your hair stays wholesome and shiny. Look for shampoos and conditioners which are appropriate in your hair kind and wants. If you will have oily hair, think about using a clarifying shampoo to take away extra oil and residue. For dry hair, use a hydrating conditioner to nourish your strands and stop breakage.

Style with Care

When styling your brief two block haircut, it is essential to be mild and keep away from over-styling. Use warmth protectant sprays when utilizing scorching instruments, and keep away from making use of an excessive amount of strain when utilizing hair ties or clips. Over-styling can result in injury and breakage, which may destroy the form and look of your haircut.

Experiment with Different Styles

Part of the enjoyable of getting a brief two block haircut is experimenting with totally different kinds and appears. Be daring and attempt totally different merchandise and styling methods to create distinctive and fashionable hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist for recommendation on easy methods to obtain new appears.


In conclusion, the brief two block haircut is a classy and versatile type that may be tailored to go well with a wide range of face shapes and hair sorts. With the proper steerage and instruments, reaching the good brief two block haircut is achievable at residence, however it’s endorsed to seek the advice of with knowledgeable hairstylist for finest outcomes.

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There are many styling choices obtainable for this haircut, from slicked again to textured and tousled appears. Experimenting with totally different kinds and hair merchandise can assist you create a singular and personalised look.

To preserve the brief two block haircut, common trimming intervals are essential, along with utilizing advisable hair care merchandise for every day upkeep. It can be important to think about any particular considerations for various hair sorts.

Overall, embracing the brief two block haircut development is a optimistic technique to change up your look and keep present in the world of hair vogue. Consult with knowledgeable hairstylist for personalised recommendation and check out totally different kinds to see what works finest for you.

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